About Inner Harmony

Inspired by personal growth and the realization for the need for a higher standard within healthcare, Peter Amato envisioned a wellness program that would unite both conventional and alternative medicine. We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes integrative health services – a model combining the best of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine that cultivates awareness and empowers individuals in obtaining optimum health and well being. Ultimately, our goal is to transform our vision of inner harmony into a national integrative model of healthcare. Testimonials

Holistic Health Solutions from Inner Harmony Wellness center

At Inner Harmony Wellness Center of , we are committed to improving total wellness by offering programs and services dedicated to assessing and treating the nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients. Integrative Medicine is a whole-person, relationship based model of care that uses a multi-disciplinary approach. Designed to create the best path of healthcare for each individual, integrative medicine combines conventional western practices with alternative and holistic therapies. One visit to our facility and you will better understand the mind-body connection, and how we can improve the results of your current wellness plan.

Both doctors and patients alike are bonding with the philosophy of integrative medicine and its whole-person approach focused on treating the person, not just their current symptoms. The partnership between patient and practitioner is essential in delivering the best medicine practices from a cohesive balance of conventional, alternative, and complementary therapies. While some of the treatments used may be nonconventional, a guiding principle within integrative medicine is to use methods that have high-quality scientific evidence to support them and are fully physician supervised.

Set up an appointment with us and our meet our team, and see for yourself the wealth of information that we have for you to take control over your health. Call and ask for our Introductory Special Offer!