Pandemic Resilience- The Inner Harmony Approach to Radical Transformation

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“Pandemic Resilience: Adapting & Thriving in a New World Paradigm” is a Six Session Weekly Mind-Body Course designed to inform and empower you to adapt to the tremendous new challenges we will be facing into the forseeable future .  Each week, over the course of 6 weeks, we will unlock for you a new hour-long webinar video along with a presentation and handout workbook.  These course materials enable you to tap into a lifetime of work by Dr. Peter Amato, renowned Dr. of Natural Medicine, mind-body medicine practitioner, L.A. Times bestselling author, and ordained Lay Monk/spiritual guide.

Dr. Amato is uniquely qualified to mentor you- with a long and distinguished career that includes advanced degrees in nutrition, transpersonal psychology, meditation, yoga, and a PhD in holistic mind-body medicine.  He is certified in a full array of energy medicine modalities, detoxification techniques, and integrative health practices.  He has helped thousands of patients through nutritional testing, quantum biofeedback, emotional response testing, and wellness and lifestyle coaching.

Dr. Amato has travelled the world and studied everything from the development of human civilization to the evolution of consciousness.  He has studied under world-class spiritual leaders such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil.   This affords him a very insightful and compelling perspective on the global pandemic, that combines a deep level of insight with an understanding of its meaning and purpose to us, both individually and collectively.

In this unique and comprehensive course, Dr. Amato will provide the roadmap to not only adapting, but thriving in the brand new world paradigm in which we now find ourselves.  Despite the unprecedented challenges we now face, Dr. Amato will help you to take your life and power back through giving you all of the educational tools, practices and a precise action plan to successfully navigate the pandemic and post-pandemic world. His Inner Harmony Approach to Pandemic Resilience focuses on nutrition, mind-body connection, emotional resiliency, and engaged spirituality. You will learn how to bolster your immune system through diet and nutrition, detoxify, eliminate chronic infections and balance your hormones. Learn to sooth emotions, reduce stress and learn spiritual practices that will allow you to remain anchored, centered, and fearless in times of turbulence and change:

  • Bulletproof your immune system against COVID and other viruses, infections and pathogens
  • Achieve optimal health and wellness with our time-tested Inner Harmony 5 Step Approach
  • Understand the mind-body connection in reducing your stress and coping, despite constant bad news, isolation, and lifestyle restrictions
  • Connect with your innate spirituality and spark personal growth to meet new challenges and arrive at the very best version of yourself!

Join now at this deeply discounted rate and get fired up in becoming the change you’re looking for! Embody a new you and learn to rock your highest potential!

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