Seasonal Allergy Relief from a Doctor of Natural Medicine


What are allergies?

In my previous blog post I stated that allergies are a symptom of toxicity that affect the immune system. This is the SECRET the Big Pharma companies don’t want you to know.

Allergies in fact are not the cause of your immune system reactions to chemical, food or environmental toxins.  You can read my previous blog post here:

The #1 Secret to Allergy Relief

Since allergies are caused by an overwhelm of toxicity the SOLUTION IS DETOXING.

Holistic detoxing takes time, it is like peeling an onion. In order not to burden our organs from a harsh detox and overwork our immune system we always suggest a holistic detox be completed in phases with the supervision of a holistic practitioner. 

Holistic Detoxing in 4 Steps to Rid Allergies and Eliminate Harmful Toxins

The time it takes for someone to detox to RID SEASONAL ALLERGIES depends on the individual. Everyone has a unique immune system and will respond differently on their own time. There are many factors that are involved including diet, sleep, organ function and more. The 4 steps to a holistic detox are the same for everyone.    

Step 1-Boosting the Immune System  

Step 2- Strengthening the Digestive System and eliminating digestive infections

Step 3- Supporting the Detoxing of Organ and Glands  

Step 4- Balancing Hormones and establishing good sleep hygiene

Most people jump right into detoxing by eliminating infections without first considering the vital need to support your immune system, organs, glands and hormones. This unsupportive harsh detox leaves us feeling exhausted with a lack of appetite, sleep issues, brain fog and can actually cause harm to our organs due to overworking them and over stimulation.

Our bodies are made up of several systems that when in perfect balance will work in harmony to protect us from disease and protect us from harmful toxins. Unfortunately, in the toxic world in which we live today some environmental, chemical and food toxicity is unavoidable.

Consulting with a holistic practitioner is best when considering a detox to rid allergies. Holistic detoxing and the 4 steps do take time, therefore here are some ways to temporarily find some allergy relief.

4 Surprising Tips for Holistic Allergy Relief

Since it takes time to complete a holistic detox, here are some simple and surprising temporary allergy symptom relief options for you to consider.

  1. Blow Your Nose

So simple, yet we forget to do this regularly. Pollen and allergens attach to the tiny membranes inside our nose. It’s important to continue to keep your nasal airways clear and blow your nose numerous times a day. This will reduce the amount of allergens that enter your airway passages and will reduce allergic symptoms. Make sure to regularly wash your hands, face and keep your fingernails short and clean (allergens love to hide under our nails!).

  1. Eliminate Fragrances

Do an inventory of your bath and body products. Reduce products that contain chemical fragrance, artificial colors, aluminum, parabens and other harmful toxins. These chemical toxins cause a disturbance to our immune and nervous systems and most likely are linked to allergies. Items to look out for: Deodorant, laundry detergents, lotion, perfume, body wash, and air fresheners. This is a Home Detox and is a great first step to reducing allergens in your life.

3.  Eat Seasonal Veggies

A surprising way to reduce allergy symptoms is to increase the amount of seasonal vegetables you eat. Eating seasonally allows your immune system to slowly adapt to the change in your environment and gives your immune system time to adapt to the seasons change in temperature and seasonal pollen in the air. Eating organic and local seasonal food would be the best option. Local food would allow your body to adapt to your specific regional allergens quickly and organic food would reduce your chemical pesticide exposure. Some great Fall Veggies include: Pumpkin, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Cauliflower, Kohlrabi, Turnips and Kale.   

seasonal veggies
  1. Keep Moving

In order for our immune system to stay healthy and for our bodies to best eliminate toxins that cause allergic reactions we must be physically active. Exercise is best, but movement is necessary. Movement outdoors where you are exposed to the changing environment would even further help your immune system adapt to the seasons change. Walk, stretch, jump, hike, ride a bike, practice yoga, anything that moves your body and stimulates sweat will help to eliminate toxins and reduce the effect of allergens.

Give these quick lifestyle changes a try and see if they have an effect on the symptoms you experience from allergies. Ultimately there is a way to rid allergies forever with a holistic detox. Remember that allergies are a symptom of toxicity. Allergy symptoms: sneezing, watery eyes, skin irritation, are all ways that our immune system is trying to tell us that we have a toxic overload and cannot take anymore.

You don’t have to suffer from allergies or take over the counter medicine everyday. There is a safe and natural way to rid them forever with a holistic detox. Dr. Amato is available for your allergy questions every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8pm during his Ask The Doctor series or schedule your free call anytime here:

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