Mary Nelson

Thyroid/Adrenal Fatigue


“I would like to submit my testimony of the Zenostat Thyroid supplement and how it turned the light bulb on in my life! I was chronically burning the candle at both ends and had Adrenal exhaustion feeding into my Endocrine system, affecting my Thyroid. For years I had a raspy voice, with periods of barely being able to speak. I also had dark circles under my eyes, tired most of the time, irritable, short memory functions, muscle cramping etc. Shortly after being on the Zenostat, my energy shot thru the roof! I can now multi-task, have energy to spare at the end of the day and feel 20yrs younger. My life has shifted and now have the energy to move onto doing what I love to do best… helping others to heal. Thank you Peter for recognizing this and offering such a simple remedy. “

Mary Nelson, Massage Therapist