Sharon W

Auto Immune Conditions


“One year ago I met Dr. Amato with a host of medical complaints and problems. I had just had my yearly physical and all my reports were in the high risk area; i.e. cholesterol, lipids, blood pressure, weight, etc. I had been diagnosed with three chronic syndromes (fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis). I had to quit my job because of these ailments. My physicians told me there was no way to cure these syndromes and I would have to take medicines the rest of my life and learn to live with them. Because of the doctors assessments, I was also understandably very depressed. My first visit to Dr. Amato was the first ray of hope that “maybe” I could overcome these physical conditions. As I accepted and acted on his nutritional and lifestyle advice, I began to see results (although the first few months of detox were pretty rough!). I have just completed my yearly medical physicals and all of the reports came back within the normal levels and better. My regular doctor told me she rarely saw such improvement in a years time and that whatever I was doing to keep doing it. Although I have flare-ups from time to time, I am now able to resume a normal life and have gone back to work. I have reduced my medications to minimal use and feel better than I have in years. I am thankful that God placed Dr. Amato in my life at a time when I needed natural treatments and I don’t have to accept the “no cure and just learn to live with it” diagnosis.”

Sharon W. , Client