The World Has Just Thrown Us A Mental, Physical And Emotional Curveball...

Together We Are Going To Conquer The Crisis Through Our Pandemic Resilience!

New, Live 6-Week Coaching Program From Best-Selling Author And Doctor Of Natural Medicine, Peter Amato Will Show You How To Turn The Current Crisis Into ConfidenceRe-Boot Your Life And Reclaim Your Health & Well-Being!

  • 6-Week Pandemic Resilience: Moving Beyond Fear Coaching Program: Join Peter Amato, Ph.D., DNM live over the next 6-weeks and discover how to bulletproof your immune system, reduce stress and overcome this crisis stronger, healthier and more resilient than ever ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Every participant will receive an electronic copy of Peter’s book Soul Silence, plus digital access to Peter’s personal meditation audio series($97 value)
  • ​Join now for only $199 when you enroll before April 30th!

Pandemic Resilience: Moving Beyond Fear Will Help You Reactivate & Rejuvenate Your Emotional And Physical Well-Being

In this new, 6-week Live Coaching Program, we will focus on nutrition, mind-body connection, emotional resiliency, and engaged spirituality.

Doing this together, you will discover...

  • Week 1 – The Nutritional Approach To Fighting Disease And Reverse Aging: Learn how to start eating the right foods that give you energy, make you feel your best and put you in a position to overcome brain fog and mental clutter for good!
  • ​Week 1 – Discover how to move your body during quarantine to liven your mood, get your blood flowing and give you energy to beat the daily fear and anxiety we are facing in the current crisis
  • ​Week 1 – The Immune Boosting Secrets “They” Don’t Want You To Know! Discover what the media, big pharma and the government doesn’t want you to know about the natural ways you can boost you immune system and and do your part to keep colds, viruses and diseases from entering your body
  • ​Week 2 – Discover the keys to optimal health and wellness. These are not your conventional tips you are hearing from the media. These are battle tested from thousands of patients and decades of work that will help you to reclaim your health and feel years younger, allowing you to do things and activities that you love and enjoy
  • ​Week 3 – Learn how to overcome the Environmental Toxicity that is harming your health and the secrets my patients know that are keeping them healthy, vibrant and full of unlimited energy
  • ​Week 4 – How To Turbocharge Your Psycho/Social Life to give yourself more confidence and stronger relationships with yourself and those around you bringing you an over-abundance of joy in your life
  • Week 5 – I will show you how to fully take control of your Emotional Life. In times like these we must keep our emotions in line and not allow them to go to the extremes. You will learn the exercises, meditations and mindfulness practices to keep your emotions even keeled and give your the strength and power to persevere during this crisis
  • Week 6 – Discover how to use the power of your Spirit to become fully engaged in today’s world. No matter your religious preferences, you will know how to connect with your spiritual side and harness it’s power to help you become enlightened
  • ​During this program you will have access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group just for you and others going through this journey together.  Each week we will share with you more valuable information and you can engage with a like minded community to support and inspire you during this transformational 6 week journey.
  • ​Plus, as a bonus for enrolling in this 6-week coaching program before April 30th, I am going to give you an electronic copy of my book, Soul Silence. This book offers clear definitions and instructions for prayer and meditation, teaching you how to listen within for spiritual insights that are key to ongoing sobriety, abstinence and overall well-being in your life.
  • ​Another Bonus you are going to have instant access to is Peter’s 80/20 Non-Diet E-book, filled with the steps to live a healthier balanced life using whole food along with shopping lists, recipes and all the motivation you need.
  • ​To help you start your soul-searching process before our first live session, I am also going to give you a 60-minute Yoga Nidra session that will open a door to peace, passion and purpose in life. This is a $15 value that is yours free as a bonus to this 6-week Pandemic Resilience Program.
  • ​Plus, I am going to give you 2 digital, audio meditations, another $15 value, free. The first meditation is a 15 minute guided meditation and the 2nd one is a 30 minute guided meditation.  These 2 guided meditative practices will help anyone get started using meditation as a tool to find peace and balance in their life. These 2 recordings have been used for individuals, schools, organizations to help develop inner peace and relaxation and are now yours as a special bonus for the Pandemic Resilience Program.
  • And finally, we wanted to include one more bonus to help you along your journey. This final bonus is a digital copy of Peter’s Theory Of Awakening, explaining the four stages of awareness for more authenticity alignment and harmony.
  • ​All 6-weeks of the Pandemic Resilience Coaching Program will be held live with Dr. Peter Amato. You are encouraged to join every session live and get personal help and feedback from Dr. Amato. All sessions will be recorded and you will be sent the recordings to refer to again and again, for as long as you wish.
  • The total value of the Pandemic Resilience Coaching Program is $594. But when you enroll for this 6-week program, you can instantly save $395 and join the program for only 1-payment of $199. But hurry, you must enroll before April 30th to get access to the 6-weeks of live coaching, the bonuses and the $395 in instant savings! Class starts on Friday, May 1st!
  • It is likely that if you are reading this right now, you feel as if you are experiencing a significant life occurrence with what is going on in the world. And that’s ok. The good news for you is that we are wired to thrive and adapt when life throws us a curve. All you need to do is shift and reboot! In my work with folks for more than 20 years, I have helped thousands of people recontextualize their Worldview, deepen understanding, and reboot their Life in a new way.  That is exactly what I want to do for you over the next 6-weeks. Click the link below and join me in overcoming fear and becoming your best self again.