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Inspired by personal growth and the realization for the need for a higher standard within healthcare, Peter Amato envisioned a wellness program that would unite both conventional and alternative medicine. We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes integrative health services – a model combining the best of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine that cultivates awareness and empowers individuals in obtaining optimum health and well being. Ultimately, our goal is to transform our vision of inner harmony into a national integrative model of healthcare.

Holistic Health Solutions from Inner Harmony center.

At Inner Harmony Wellness Center of , we are committed to improving total wellness by offering programs and services dedicated to assessing and treating the nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients. Integrative Medicine is a whole-person, relationship based model of care that uses a multi-disciplinary approach. Designed to create the best path of healthcare for each individual, integrative medicine combines conventional western practices with alternative and holistic therapies. 

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Help With Choices

Overwhelmed by Holistic Health Options? How to find the best path to health and wellness The holistic health field is booming. We hear about – and see advertisements for—dozens and dozens of techniques, modalities, facilities, and products. We KNOW we want to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. But let’s be frank with Read More

Quantum Reflex Analysis

This is a bio-communication technique that equates to your body talking to you! It is a highly effective method of testing your body’s key organs and glands to analyze their energy / output levels. This incredible testing gives a wealth of information to your health practitioner.

People who experience QRA are amazed by the results. At Real Medicine, we can almost GUARANTEE that you’ll notice more energy and reduction in health symptoms after just two sessions at our facility.

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Our program – and the wellness success of our clients – includes the use of the highest quality, filler-free, organic, 100% natural products, including oils, vitamin and mineral supplements, capsules, powders, and sprays – enzymes, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and pharmacy-grade neutraceuticals.

All of these products are from Live Sources – no synthetics. They are excipient-free (inactive substances).

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Real Medicine provides BioFeedback Therapy. What’s that? Well, imagine if you could actually influence – have some level of control over – things like your heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches, and other involuntary aspects of your body? Biofeedback allows you to do just that, to the great benefit of your health.

You know how powerful your mind is. Biofeedback harnesses that power and uses it to positively affect the body’s responses to things like stress and the environment.

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Eliminate Chronic Infections

Eliminate Chronic Infections Most people are chronically ill

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Detoxify the Body

Detoxify the Body The liver is our body’s main detoxification and filtering organ.

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Restore Alkaline pH

Restore an Alkaline Body pH Through the use of living-source minerals and synergists

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Stabilize Hormone Balance

Stabilize Hormone Balance With clinically proven Organ-Gland targeted nutraceuticals

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Our Staff


Peter Amato


Charlote Vives


“Dr. Peter did a REALLY thorough medical/life history, looking at us as whole people, rather than just symptoms. Then he changed our diets and gave us both whole-food nutritional supplements specific for our issues. I am happy to report that my daughter’s eczema has improved significantly and remained improved. She had a big belly and that’s gone, too. My allergies are much improved, too. I went from taking four prescription medications daily to no medications at all. I also lost 10 pounds without even trying.”

Roberto and Samantha, Client


“Since seeing Dr. Peter in November, I have been taking the Max Stress B and AllerCaps product instead of my daily Claritin 12 hour D that I could not breathe without and I have noticed a huge difference in my sinus stuffiness. I can breathe better and because I was on high blood pressure medicine prior to switching, my blood pressure has been within the normal range or a little below, without taking my blood medicine. I am very pleased and have more energy with the PRL supplements.”

– Hyacinth, Client

Anxiety at age 24

“At the age of 23, I knew I was too young to be taking a prescription medication for anxiety. I wanted off my medication, but more importantly, I wanted to regain control of how I felt. With the help of Dr. Amato and the entire Inner Harmony staff, I was given the information and guidance needed to understand the cause of my anxiety and how to control it, “naturally”, without drugs. Dr. Amato personalized a plan just for me integrating natural supplements and homeopathy, proper exercise, and most importantly nutrition. With Dr. Amato’s personalized plan, I am prescription free and back in control. I now understand the importance of nutrition and its effect on anxiety and overall health.
Thank you Dr. Amato!”

– Belinda, Client

Fibroid Tumors

“I was on Premarin for ten years which gave me fibroid tumors, and lots of swelling from water retention. Through Dr. Amato’s guidance I have been off of estrogen and no longer suffer with fibroid tumors or swelling. He was honest and said it could take up to a year, but along with Lifestyle and diet changes woman have good luck………I was one of them! Thanks Peter!”

– Linda, Client

Cholesterol down and energy up!

“I am so grateful to the friend that directed me to Dr. Amato. I have renewed energy, my blood pressure is down, cholesterol is way down, 146 points in 3 months. My HDL and LDL are also down and my triglycerides are down over 200 points. I am able to exercise, where before I couldn’t for more than 10 minutes at a time. I am on a healthy diet and exercise routine. I’m not saying this is easy, you have to be really committed to feeling better and not to be satisfied to blame age or anything else. I have been able to drop two medications and hopefully more. I feel like a different person, thanks to Dr. Amato.”

– Phyllis B. Anguilla, Client

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