Pandemic Resilience:
The Inner Harmony Approach to Radical Transformation

A Six Session Mind-Body Course designed to empower you to adapt to the tremendous new challenges we now face!  Originally offerred at $199, now on sale for a limited time only at 50% discount, just $99!  In this unique and comprehensive course, Dr. Amato will provide the roadmap to not only adapting, but thriving in the brand new world paradigm in which we now find ourselves.  Dr. Amato will help you to take your life and power back through giving you all of the educational tools, practices and a precise action plan to successfully navigate the pandemic and post-pandemic world.  More info>>

The Growing Importance of Including Anti-Viral Herbs in Self-Care Today

According to clinical studies, 90 percent of prescription drugs only work for 30-50 percent of all people. The reason is that they are designed in isolation and do not consider the entire makeup of our unique physiology. We know that a diagnosis followed by drugs and surgery, neither of which is designed to treat the root cause of the chronic conditions we see in today’s world. Our current healthcare system has a pill for everything and believes that one size fits all.  More>>

Heavy Metal Toxicity

 Insomnia, brain fog, memory issues, mood swings, depression and anxiety are all symptoms of toxicity, particularly heavy metal toxicity.

Heavy metals have a way of disrupting our bodies natural electrical impulses. This major disruption from heavy metal toxins negatively affects our nervous system and our immune function. Our bodies are inundated with heavy metals from our environment, personal care products and lifestyle all day long.  Heavy metals can also be transmitted to us while in the womb.  More>>

The Key to Overcome Auto-Immune and Chronic Inflammation from Doctor of Natural Medicine, Dr. Peter Amato

I’ve created a 5 Step Program to Optimal Health that I have been using with clients over the last 20 years. This program leads to sustainable health improvements including eliminating insomnia, Lyme, IBS, allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritic pain, migraines, and brain fog.  The foundation of my program begins with a strong immune system. Boosting our immune system is essential in creating optimum health  More>>

The Startling Truth About Auto-Immune Disease!

Auto-immune is widely misunderstood.1 in 5 people in America are diagnosed with an Auto-Immune disorder and 1 in 10 are undiagnosed or have a medically undefined chronic condition.  Wow! That is a lot of people. Autoimmune can look like many different things for many different people.

Since everyone is unique, their bodies and immune response is different. Everyone responds differently to food and environmental toxins, so auto-immune is very personal.  More>>


Seasonal Allergy Relief from Dr. Peter Amato, Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and Wellness Coach

In my previous blog, we learned that the big secret to ridding allergies for good  is to detox.  The time it takes for someone to detox depends on the individual as everyone has a unique immune system and will respond differently on their own time.  There are many factors that are involved including diet, sleep, organ function and more.  However, the 4 steps to a holistic detox are the same for everyone More>>

Dr. Peter Amato, Doctor of Natural Medicine Reveals The #1 Secret to Clear Allergies Forever

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Sure, there are many over the counter remedies for allergies but they usually include steroids, antihistamines and avoidance practices. But guess what? Here is the big secret that Big Pharma does not tell you about allergies  More>>

Toxic Supplements!

A landmark research study as reported in The Journal of the American Nuetraceutical Association shows that the odds of purchasing an effective, non-toxic herbal product is only 2.5%. That means a shocking 97.5% of products tested were either toxic or not effective or both.  More>>

Introducing our new $99 Immune Booster Care Package!  Includes 2000mg Vitamin C powder, Anti-Viral Herbal Cocktail and 30 minute virtual wellness consultation!  More>>

Check out our new PREMIUM Anti-Viral Immune System Booster Kit.  The package includes high dose Vitamin C, high potency Probiotic, K2-D3 Essentials, and an anti-viral Herbal Cocktail.  Details>>

Begin Your Wellness Journey Today
Welcome to Inner Harmony Wellness Center

The Inner Harmony Wellness Centers Difference

Organic Not Synthetic
At Inner Harmony Center for Well-Being we schedule 90 minutes for the initial visit with one of our trained experts. We begin with an extensive health history in assessing your chief health complaints, if you have any. Some of our clients just want to know exactly what nutraceuticals are right for them! Others may have specific symptoms or health issues to address. We use a 5-step “peel the onion process” for everyone!! This process calls for a scheduled monthly visit and generally takes between 3-4 months (for healthy people) and 6-12 months for people with health symptoms or diagnosed with an illness. The body gives us the answers and we provide the precision nutrition.
The 5 Steps to Optimal Health

The Inner Harmony Approach


Restore an Alkaline Body
Maintaining a slightly Alkaline pH is key to preventing disease.
Root Causes and Symptoms Addressed
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Migraine
  • Memory Loss
  • Obesity
  • Menopause
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Neuropathy
  • Allergies
  • Skin Conditions
  • Lyme Disease
  • Epstein Barr
  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • PMS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • ADHD/ Autism
  • Heath Disease
  • High Blood Pressure


  • Fatigue
  • Digestive Problems
  • Sleep Irregularities
  • Headaches
  • Brain Fog
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Bone and Joint Pain
  • Other Health Concerns


  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Mycoplasms
  • Yeast
  • Virus
  • Parasite
  • Retrovirus
Our Approach
  • Our approach calls upon nutritional education, biofeedback and manual testing on the first visit to establish a baseline.
  • We work toward elevating pH, raising alkalinity and building a strong foundation with diet, personalized organic vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • We tame retro-viruses, target and eliminate chronic infections with a strong focus on digestion, assimilation, and elimination through building a strong and healthy immune system.
  • We detoxify the body in a symbiotic fashion one organ at a time over a few months.
  • We balance the male/female hormones as well as the brain/endocrine system hormones.


Eliminate Infections

Support for digestion and a strong and healthy immune system.


Detox the Body

There are more toxins in the environment than ever before. Detoxifying one organ at a time is essential for long-term health.


Hormone Body Balance

Regulatory balance of the body’s natural hormones is critical.
Other Offerings
Ask about our Lectures, Workshops, Retreat, and Wellness Vacations. Don’t forget our weekly yoga/ meditation classes as well. Please watch our professional training and upcoming membership program.


Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging

All of the above steps from the anti-aging process.

Inner Harmony Wellness

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At the Inner Harmony Center for Well-Being, we are dedicated to assessing and treating ongoing nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as committed to improving total wellness of our patients. Our program uses nutritional testing, quantum biofeedback, emotional response testing, and wellness and lifestyle coaching.

Some conditions addressed are digestive issues, sleep irregularities, bone and joint pain, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and lyme. Designed to create the best path of healthcare for each individual, integrative medicine combines conventional western practices with alternative and holistic therapies.