We treat our patients using the Inner Harmony Approach; starting with the QRA Nutritional Evaluation. Suggested treatments based on those results follow; packages, memberships and programs are available to all. We utilize state of the art biofeedback technology and applied kinesiology (muscle-testing) along with Grade 10 Organic nutraceuticals to restore health, balance and energize.
We use cellular resonant analysis cross-referenced with your medical history, along with other metabolic testing to obtain a personalized picture of your vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, and amino acid requirements for optimal health. We create an individualized plan including diet, nutritional supplements, detoxification and lifestyle modifications for you to practice.
Biofeedback therapy recognizes that the body innately intelligent, electrical in nature, and has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided. The SCIO Biofeedback scans with 9,000 frequency signatures in locating any imbalances in your energy field, or cellular makeup leading to any physiological chronic health issues.
ERT is a simple but dramatic methodology of fi nding and clearing negative emotional issues rapidly. With ERT we can eliminate subconscious functioning from past patterns that may be restricting your perception of reality and resistance to change.
Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a highly sensitive and accurate form of bio-feedback testing. This non-invasive muscle testing system asks the body what it needs at the time to bring it back to balance. It marries together techniques from many disciplines including Applied Kinesiology and biophoton physics.
Discover how your health, emotions, relationships and career are affecting your well-being. Focusing on the mind, body, spirit connection we assess your inventory in all aspects of your life, probe stress-producing lifestyle components, create more balance in everyday life and move toward a heightened sense of well-being. Areas of frequent interest are self-esteem, relationships, goal setting, and career change.