Holistic Health Trends for 2018

Holistic Health Trends for 2018

We are four months into 2018. Everyone gets excited for the New Year and a fresh start but usually by now people start going back to their not so good habits and normal routine. We are here to give you some of the top health trends happening this year to get you back on track. Hopefully one or some of these will grab your attention, so you can start integrating them into your life. Here’s to a healthy and happy, rest of 2018! 

1. Moringa is on the rise! Moringa is known to fight inflammation and also has twice the amount of protein and three times more iron than spinach. It has large amounts of calcium, potassium, and vitamin a. Surely something so nutritious and healthy must not taste good, right? Fortunately not. Moringa tastes delicious, which means that the food industry is rushing to capitalize on it. 


2. Everyone is Coo Coo for Kombucha! Stomach health is usually not the first area people focus on fixing, until there is an obvious issue. An unhealthy gut can cause many health problems including arthritis, hair loss and even mental disorders like depression. Kombucha can help heal the gut naturally and has been trending this year. 

So how does it work?! Kombucha is a fermented drink, usually made with black tea and natural sugars. The fermentation process creates a healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, which can help line your digestive tract and support your immune system. To reap the full benefits of this powerful ingredient you should aim to drink it once a day but be sure to try it out first before committing to one a day.


3. Self Care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! This year is about looking at your health on a deeper level and taking the time to care for it. It’s about finding balance and about making healthier choices when you see your self getting maxed out. There are many ways to do this, from regular journaling, meditation and walking, to eating cleaner and living a toxic-free lifestyle. 

4. Skin-care products that help guard us against UV Rays, Pollutants, and Technology are trending! These days your skin is regularly exposed to blue lights from electronics, UV rays, and pollutants. Skincare products are now coming out with ingredients like lipids, ceramides, live bacteria and adaptogens to combat the effects of these. Jump on this bandwagon and look great while also blocking out those negative effects. 

5. Stand up for good health! Standing desks increased in 2017, and 2018 is seeing even more standing trends. Prolonged periods of sitting are bad for your health; therefore, expect to see more “standing” opportunities at work, in waiting rooms, and even at home. 

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Restore Alkaline PH

The human body is an indivisible, integrated organism, not a collection of various unrelated parts. We have various mechanisms in your body that work together to maintain a proper pH balance throughout your body.

The acidity or alkalinity of a substance is measured using pH. If your body’s pH varies too much from this ideal, it becomes difficult for various enzymes to function properly. Maintaining this slightly alkaline state is a constant challenge, primarily because of the acid-forming functions that take place within the body, and the overabundance of acid-producing foods we consume. Optimum health begins with diligence toward restoring and maintaining an ideal pH. Over acidity has even been linked to the formation of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. PH is something that the Inner Harmony Wellness health program examines and works to improve for every patient.


Most people are chronically ill and don’t even realize its infections caused by diet, lifestyle exposures, food allergies and inflammation (more than 1 in 2 according to the Centers for Disease Control as reported in 2000).

The latest PCR (polymerase chain reaction) DNA test research at U.C. Irvine and University of Pennsylvania suggests most chronic illness is really due to infection. As a consequence, we list the fourth step to great health for most Americans as the elimination of chronic, often hidden infections.


Detoxifying The Body

While we may not even know it, we face an onslaught of toxins every day. In the past 60 years, we’ve seen more toxins enter our environment than ever before. Toxins lodge in cells, tissues and muscles until your body is completely overwhelmed.

What is the effect of decades of toxins that have been accumulating in each successive generation?

In July 2005 a new study shattered the long-held belief that fetuses in the womb were protected from the dangerous chemicals and poisons that the mother was exposed to. Samples of blood taken from the umbilical cord of newborns contained an average of 200 chemicals that can cause cancer, brain damage, birth defects and other serious illness.

We also know that a fetus inherits the infections (systemic yeast and viral infections) found in his/her mother’s blood. Because each successive generation is inheriting the toxins of the previous generations, we are seeing earlier and earlier cases of diabetes, obesity, ADD, autism, cancers, etc. We believe this missing link of toxicity has led to the worst epidemic of chronic diseases in the history of man that we are currently experiencing in our world.



The hormone balance of the body is a complex, interactive symphony of different regulating compounds. These hormones are internal messengers which are necessary to control and regulate the body’s processes. Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, the next step of the Inner Harmony Approach is to identify and support the glands which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones.



Once your diet and nutrition are adjusted and you’re eating the right foods to fuel your body effectively; your body’s PH becomes balanced and alkaline; your hormones become balanced; and all chronic infections have been eliminated. This is when you can begin to focus on rejuvenation and anti-aging – the “icing on the cake” so to speak!

Anti-aging by remaining optimized at the cellular level requires ongoing lifelong maintenance. This is done by a combination of all 4 steps as part of the 5-step Process to Optimum Health, and responding to the body’s progress by periodically adjusting nutrition, supplements and diet based on the individual’s, and then re-testing. Whole body rejuvenation, similar to conducting an orchestra, is the individual’s unique and ever-changing nutritional protocol that keeps them in alignment and embodies the homeo-dynamic attainment of whole health.

We approach these methods using immune system modulation. Rejuvenation and anti-aging methods truly work when aimed at harnessing the immune system, systematic detoxification and hormonal optimization; which are the 3 pillars of rejuvenation and form the anti-aging process.

Key organic nutraceuticals are selected by your Harmony Mountain Institute wellness practitioner to nourish your cellular matrix and perform ongoing and comprehensive DNA repair. You see, cellular degeneration is what causes our organs, muscles, even our brains to age and decline. Keeping cells healthy is the focus of anti-aging.

We all know that the food we eat today is not providing us with all the nutrition we need. Why guess about the exact vitamins and minerals your body needs? Come in today for precision nutrition and begin the 5-Step journey today.